Devonport Naval Base Visitor Centre

Client: Plymouth Naval Base Visitor Centre Ltd

Being Plymouth based, the Practice has been commissioned for a number of projects and studies over many years, and built up a significant knowledge of all parts of the dockyard.

The Practice was founded when commissioned to provide a local resource for London based HKPA, and assisted in designing the Fleet Maintenance Base and the Submarine Refit Complex. This was a groundbreaking and complex project. As a result of our work, Form Design was separately commissioned to design a nuclear store and powerhouse for boats when alongside.

An options appraisal for the redevelopment of South Yard was undertaken for DML, and more recently an initiative for the Trustees of the Naval Base Museum and the Royal Navy to create an interpretation and visitor’s centre for the dockyard, illustrating its rich history. This was an attempt to demonstrate the economic and cultural interdependence of the dockyard and the Navy to the life and well being of the City. A centrepiece of the proposal was the raising of a nuclear submarine on land and opportunities to visit operational surface warships.