Filton Airport

Form Design Group, in partnership with Clifton Emery Design, was shortlisted as part of a national field, to prepare a conceptual master plan for the redevelopment of the 350 acre Filton Airfield site for the YTL Corporation. The ambition is to create an exemplary urban extension to Northern Bristol with a high-density mixed-use development. The massive challenge is to create a new destination, of European significance, that embraces the rich heritage of the UK’s aerospace industry at Filton, its association with Concorde, and address the pre-occupations of urban living in the Twenty First Century.

The project will provide a cohesive transition from the surrounding established settlements and the Cribbs Causeway retail and leisure parks. The master plan proposed a framework focused on the reinvention of the 2.5km runway as a linear park, a powerful and dramatic memory of the airfield, offering potential for a contemporary, self-sustaining district, adaptable to changing circumstances and emerging technologies over the life of the plan.