Keeper’s Cottage

Client: Private

Completion: 2012

William Curtis Green designed Keeper’s Cottage in 1936. Previously known as Clittaford Cottage it is sited within the Cann Estate. It was Grade II listed, in 2008, as it was a well-preserved example of the ‘Vernacular Revival’ style by a nationally important architect. It represented small-scale, domestic architecture of the time and no longer offers suitable space for modern living.

After considerable site analysis, appraisal and dialogue the design makes a contemporary counterpoint, housing spacious, open plan living accommodation in a form that did not dominate the existing cottage.

This was accomplished by a simple rectilinear plan that is attached to the existing building by a glass link. A rigorous approach was taken to the design, avoiding ornament and concentrating on creating cohesion between internal and external space and maximising opportunities to use natural daylight. This provides a strong contrast to the intimacy of the cottage. Gaining planning approval was a protracted process, but once achieved the result is a delightful synthesis of the brief and opportunities presented by the site.