Millfields Trust Union Street Master Plan

Client: Millfields Trust

This project describes the vision that Millfields Trust has developed to create a civic heart for the community of Stonehouse following the successful completion of the Genesis building. The plan sets out the potential for an urban solution and architectural approach. It is designed to help the long–term restoration of Union Street as an important civic spine as conceived by John Foulston in 1812 as a means of uniting the three towns of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport. This study demonstrates how this centrally located site can contribute to the reinvention of that ambition, by respecting the street pattern, heritage assets, scale and form, and how an intervention might be configured around congregational space accessible to the public.

The potential to continue urban greening and introduction of a range of synergetic uses needed to support the local population has been identified as a basis for consultation and opening a dialogue with potential stakeholders.