Client: Plymouth City Council

Completion: February 2018

As the largest Marine Enterprise Zone in the country, Oceansgate demands a solution that is of high quality, sympathetic to the evolving uses and technologies within the marine sector, and capable of attracting new and exciting employment opportunities to Plymouth. It contributes to the City’s drive to pioneer and reinforce its brand as Britain’s ‘Ocean City’ whilst maximising the potential of its waterfront assets and opportunities for high quality employment in close proximity to Devonport Naval Base.

The design concept was driven to resonate with the historic setting of Devonport’s South Yard. The form and materials of the new buildings sit comfortably and cohesively in the wider waterfront context of the yard. The office component aspired to maximise daylight, given its east/west orientation and mark the gateway to the marine science campus. Together with two terraces of light industrial workshops, this first phase of the development establishes a benchmark for the unfolding redevelopment of the overall campus.

The singular feature of the building is the installation of a kinetic wall comprised of several thousand aluminium shingles that ripple and shimmer in the wind, recalling the motive forces of the age of sail, when South Yard was commissioned in 1690.