Naval Weapons Engineering Facility

Client: Property Services Agency for the Royal Navy

Completion: 1984

This highly specialised building was commissioned by the Property Services Agency for the Royal Navy to provide testing and maintenance facilities for a wide range of the Navy’s weapons and equipment. The accommodation consists of offices, library, laboratories, workshops and individual testing facilities. Among these are a wind tunnel, hyperbaric chamber, various grades of clean room and electrical and electronic workshops and testing facilities.

The building is highly serviced, having, in addition to normal building services, clean room supplies, piped gases, electrical supplies at various voltages and frequencies and disposal systems for hazardous waste.

The wide span steel structure provides a continuously accessible roof void to house plant rooms and service distribution. The building is clad with profiled aluminium sheeting, and at the time of construction had the largest continuous standing seam roof in South West England.

A separate building of timber construction was provided for sensitive magnetic measurement procedures. Both the building and surrounding site were required to be completely free of ferrous material, which necessitated meticulous magnetic testing of all components delivered to site and decontamination of a huge area of ground.